3 Ways to Heat Your Home Efficiently in Springfield, VA

Energy efficiency is a popular topic in the discussion of finding ways to eliminate energy waste. It comes with several benefits, including saving you money, reducing pollution and improving home comfort. Here’s how to heat your home efficiently during the cold months in Springfield, VA.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

According to the International Energy Agency, air conditioners and electric fans account for 10% of global electricity consumption. This indicates that the usage is quite high. Consider getting a programmable thermostat if you want to bring down energy costs in your home.

A programmable thermostat will enable you to set optimal temperature, thus minimizing costs. The programmable thermostat adjusts by itself, depending on how you have set it.

You can program your thermostat in a way that will adjust temperatures to suit the prevailing weather condition at a particular time. If the weather changes, it can adapt accordingly. Similarly, if you’re not at home, you can set the thermostat to reduce the temperature at that particular time and to adjust once you return. What’s more, you can access some programmable thermostats remotely. As a result, you’ll never not be able to adjust your home’s thermostat.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Air conditioners, boilers or furnaces that are over 15 years old may be inefficient. Modern models are more energy-efficient because they include the latest technology that enhances their performance.

You’ll realize that even some of the cheaper models of the present time are much more energy-efficient than the expensive models of 15 years ago. If your HVAC unit is old, this is an opportune time to consider replacing it before the onset of winter.

Insulate and Seal Your Home

Finally, one of the most effective ways of saving energy is by sealing and insulating your home. Some of the common places that you need to seal include:

  • Electrical outlets or receptacles.
  • Attic hatches.
  • Baseboards.
  • Switch plates.
  • Mails slots.
  • Fire dampers.
  • Window frames.

We have a team of HVAC professionals who can help you heat your home more efficiently this winter. Contact E.M. Logan Inc. for all your heating needs.

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