Do I Need a New Heat Pump for My Oakton, VA, Home?

Like all HVAC systems, heat pumps experience more issues as they age. While regular maintenance helps to minimize these, some are inevitable. Read on to learn whether you should invest in a new heat pump for your Oakton, VA, home.

Constantly Running

When an HVAC system is too small for your home, it’ll run constantly. As a result, it’ll strain and drive up your energy bills. The best course of action is to hire an HVAC professional to assess your property and install a replacement that’s the right size for your comfort needs.

Higher Energy Bills

An unusual increase in your energy bills is a common warning sign that you need a repair or replacement. If you haven’t had the system for a long time, then lack of maintenance is the likely cause behind high energy bills.

It takes just one year of no maintenance for your system to lose efficiency. You should schedule maintenance twice per year for your heat pump — once in the spring and again in the fall. By doing so, you’ll preserve its efficacy and extend its lifespan.

Uncomfortable Home

When your heat pump is at the end of its lifespan, it may no longer maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. If you’re noticing it’s more humid inside or the system can’t reach the set temperature, you might need a new system. Old systems that have this problem are either too costly to repair or irreparable.

Frequent Repairs

Another problem that an old heat pump could experience is frequent breakdowns. If you’ve had to repair your heat pump a few times in the past year, this is a sign you need a new one.

As heating and cooling systems age, they become more susceptible to problems. Outdated systems are no longer worth fixing because their repairs won’t last long. The types of repairs needed in an old system tend to be more expensive as well.

Pay attention to warning signs that you need a new heat pump. Contact E.M. Logan Inc. to discuss a heat pump installation in Oakton, VA.

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