How Can Pet Owners Maintain Healthy Indoor Air in Fairfax, VA

Owning animal companions like dogs and cats can make your days more joyful. However, they can also decrease your indoor air quality by constantly releasing hair, skin cells and outdoor debris. These great pet owner tips will help you boost your indoor air quality in Fairfax, VA.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC air filter constantly sifts through large particulates like hair, dust, pet dander and pollen. The more contaminants circulating in your home, the faster your filter will clog. It’s best to opt for at least a three-month pleated filter rather than a one-month fiberglass option.

In addition to carefully monitoring your filter, don’t forget to schedule HVAC maintenance at least once a year. All of that excess debris can eventually settle inside the system and lower its efficiency.

Groom and Bathe Pets

It’s best to brush your pet at least once a week and bathe them monthly. This timeframe can vary based on your allergies and your pet’s breed. Removing the hair directly from the source will stop it from accumulating on your furniture and rugs.

Establish Thorough Cleaning Routines

Stop contaminants from reaching your HVAC system by keeping your home as clean as possible. Routinely vacuum, sweep, dust and wipe shelves and other surfaces. Lint rollers can collect any hair buried in your drapery or furniture.

Don’t forget to scrub your pet’s bedding with a baking soda mixture to take care of smells. Vinegar can also help you remove pet stains from your carpets and rugs.

Install an Air Purifier

A whole-home air purifier will work alongside your HVAC filter to effectively remove airborne debris. Purification systems are one of the best ways to maintain healthy indoor air quality all year long.

Just because you own pets doesn’t mean your home’s air quality has to suffer. Call E.M. Logan Inc. for superior IAQ solutions in Fairfax, VA.

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