Should I Buy My Furnace at a Big Box Store in Woodbridge, VA?

Big box stores offer almost everything you need under one roof, including furnaces and other appliances. While you might feel tempted to buy a new furnace for your Woodbridge, VA, home from one of these stores, think before you shop. Here are some reasons it’s best to purchase only from a licensed HVAC company:

More Expensive

While big box stores can help you save on many things, they usually charge more for major appliances. The stores buy them wholesale from the manufacturers and mark up the price to make more money. As a result, you pay more than necessary at the register.

Lack of Knowledge

The odds of finding someone with extensive knowledge about heating systems at a big box store are slim because employees work in different sections every day. A local HVAC company has the knowledge necessary to ensure you make the right decision. They can answer any questions or address any concerns.

Few Furnace Installation Choices

Big box stores typically have a contractor or installation company they work with and either recommend or require that you hire them. If they don’t have a partner, you’re responsible for finding someone to handle the work. It’s easier to choose a company upfront that can deliver and install your new furnace.

Warranty Issues

In addition to poor customer service, these stores may only offer a warranty for 30 to 90 days. When you buy a furnace from the same company that installs it, you get a higher level of support. On top of the furnace warranty, the company will cover the work they perform.

Spare yourself the hassles of buying a new furnace from a big box store, including poor customer service and higher costs. Call our team at E.M. Logan Inc. to unlock some amazing benefits when you purchase a new furnace.

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