4 Signs Your Home in Woodbridge, VA, Needs Electrical Rewiring

It’s easy to overlook signs in your home’s electrical system that indicate wear and damage. Sometimes, a seemingly minor electrical issue can point out a major electrical problem in your Woodbridge, VA, home. Spotting the following warning signs that your home needs rewiring can save you shocks, electrical house fires and damaged appliances:

Dimming or Flickering Lights

When your lights brighten too much, it’s a sign of too much voltage, while dimming lights indicate low voltage. It can be tempting to think that your light bulbs are the source of the problem, but this decline or power spike is often a warning sign of faulty circuits or loose wiring. It’s advisable to hire a licensed electrician to inspect your wiring, discover the fault and rewire your home if you notice dimming or flickering lights.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

Properly working circuit breakers avert electrical fires by preventing dangerous surges. Faulty circuit breakers no longer gauge electricity, so they trip too frequently. If your circuit breaker trips a lot, call to get professional electrical services.

Old Wiring System

A considerable number of home electrical fires result from outdated wiring systems. Your home’s wiring breaks down as it ages, causing electrical issues, and older wires are often unable to deal with contemporary power demands. If your home’s wiring system is old, it may be time to upgrade it.

Burned Outlets

Black or brown charring around the openings of your electrical outlets indicates that a small fire occurred. These small fires are often due to loose wiring connection or faulty wiring that causes a short that sparks, leaving scorch marks. If you notice this sign, it may be time to consider getting electrical rewiring in your home.

Electrical rewiring can be costly, but it’s worth the investment because it can prevent electrical fires and expensive repairs. It’s best to leave the rewiring project to a qualified electrician for your home’s safety. Contact E.M. Logan Inc. today for electrical and heating services to keep your home safe and warm.

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