4 Signs of a Faulty Blower Motor in Springfield, VA

When summer temperatures are high in Springfield, VA, a failing air conditioner can be frustrating. When the blower motor, an important AC component, isn’t working correctly, it affects air quality and comfort levels. Here are warning signs of a faulty blower motor in your AC system:

Airflow Restriction From Vents

A faulty blower motor reduces the amount of airflow from your vents because it’s unable to drive enough air through your ducts. An aging motor, the accumulation of dirt and dust, and a bad capacitor are common reasons your blower motor restricts airflow. If the motor is completely bad, there will be no airflow.

Abnormally High Energy Bills

Your blower motor uses more energy than most HVAC components, which may cause a significant increase in your utility bills. An aging, failing or dirty blower motor works harder to circulate air in your home, causing higher energy consumption. Hire an air conditioning repair professional to inspect your blower motor and fix or replace it to help reduce your energy bills.

Strange Air Conditioner Noises

Unusual AC noises, such as banging and clanking, may imply a fault with the blower motor. An expert can fix some of the blower motor problems that cause strange noises, but other concerns may lead to a motor replacement. Loud banging noises could indicate a fault or disconnection of a blower motor part, whereas rattling or banging noises signify broken or loose parts.

Overheating Air Conditioner

Several reasons can cause the blower motor to overheat, including grime and dirt accumulation that prevent it from venting. Such obstructions create built-up heat and eventually overheating over time. You can fix this issue by hiring an expert to service the blower motor or to replace it if the damage is extensive.

Bad bearings, rust in internal components and faulty fan blades can cause the blower motor to fail. Hire an experienced professional if you notice these warning signs of a faulty blower motor. Call E.M. Logan Inc. for regular AC maintenance and avoid unnecessary air conditioner repairs.

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