4 Factors That Impact Indoor Air Quality in Alexandria, VA

Fresh air free of pollutants is vital to your household’s health, safety and comfort. Modern residential homes today are as airtight as possible, which allows harmful contaminants and debris to build up. These four factors may be inadvertently worsening your indoor air quality in Alexandria, VA.

Excessive Moisture

You need an optimal humidity level to protect your health and belongings. Too much moisture can lead to rot, bacterial growth and water stains on your walls. Not enough humidity will dry out your wooden furniture and floors.

An unsafe humidity level can aggravate your allergies, dry out your skin and even increase your risk of nosebleeds. It’s often recommended to have a humidity level between 40% to 60%. Invest in a whole-home dehumidifier to better control your house’s airborne moisture level.

Insufficient Ventilation

If your home doesn’t have adequate ventilation, allergens like bacteria, pollen and dust can build up over time. The presence of excessive contaminants will worsen your respiratory health and put additional strain on your HVAC system.

Airborne Chemicals and Contaminants

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the chemicals released from products like household cleaners, air fresheners, paints and new furnishings. A well-ventilated home safely removes VOCs before they can impact your health. However, constant exposure to high quantities of these damaging chemicals will impact your indoor air quality and cause respiratory distress.

HVAC Issues

Even if you regularly switch out your air filter, your HVAC system will still slowly accumulate dust, dirt and debris over time. These contaminants will pollute your breathing air and facilitate bacterial growth. HVAC maintenance twice a year will prevent particulates from affecting your temperature control and comfort.

Excessive airborne moisture, VOCs and insufficient ventilation can all affect your air quality. Contact E.M. Logan Inc. to learn more about our reliable indoor air quality services in Alexandria, VA.

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