5 Common Water Heater Issues in Fairfax, VA

Your water heater is a vital appliance that works behind the scenes to provide a constant hot water supply throughout the year. However, it can develop a few issues that require professional repairs or replacement. Read on to discover a few common water heater issues in Fairfax, VA, and some tips for what to do about them.

Water Leaks

Possible causes of a water heater leaking from the top are a leaking inlet valve, loose hot outlet or loose cold inlet. When the electric heating element gasket leaks, it can cause a water heater to leak from the bottom. A water heater repair expert can inspect the appliance, diagnose the causes of leaks and repair or replace it.

Water Temperature Issues

Water temperature issues are common, but you can prevent them with regular maintenance. Cold water coming from the appliance is often because of a faulty thermostat, malfunctioning heating element or lack of power. A faulty thermostat, heating element or smaller water heater can force the equipment to produce warm water.

Rust or Water Discoloration

When the anode rod is faulty, it causes the water heater tank to rust. Excessive tank corrosion could eventually cause ruptures or unforeseen leaks. Prompt water heater repairs and routine check-ups can help reveal a failing anode rod.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Older homes often face low hot water pressure issues. Other contributors to this issue include rust in sink aerators, calcium deposits and sediment buildups. Flush out your water heater tank often to prevent sediment accumulation.

Strange and Loud Noises

Scale buildup on heating elements can cause a loud banging, knocking and popping noise. Noisy pipes, too much pressure inside the tank or water heater leaks can cause unusual loud noises. Since water heaters aren’t noisy appliances, it’s good to repair them if you notice any unusual noises.

Don’t panic if you experience these water heater issues. Routine maintenance can also help prevent most of these repairs and extend the appliance’s lifespan. Contact us at E.M. Logan Inc. to schedule HVAC maintenance and learn more about water heaters.

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